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Club History

The Club in 2022
The Club as it is now
The Club in 2005
In the beginning

The original Club was titled ‘The National Land League of Great Britain’. It was founded in the township of Batley in 1882 and rented small premises in Russell Street. Moving to its present site in 1903, where the founding fathers took over an old paint warehouse and converted the building into a suitable place for its members to meet and socialise.

In 1930, having occupied the premises for 27 years the Club Committee managed to obtain brewery loans. It was then possible to demolish the premises to make way for a purpose built club. As the membership grew and the Club prospered over the years, it was possible to add additional extensions. Membership of the Club still continues to grow today.


Batley Irish Democratic League Club is a private Members Club and its official title is ‘The John Dillion Branch of The Irish Democratic League’. The Club has a membership of over 1800 consisting of both financial and honorary members. The Club is incorporated; meaning it is a Private Members Club not registered under the Friendly Societies Act.



The Committee is justifiably proud that the Club is financially solvent and is well able to meet its outgoings. Our Club can be best described as a warm friendly and hospitable safe haven. The present day membership can recall over three and four generations of families who have been members of the Club. Such tradition is rightly treasured by Committee and Members.

The Club enjoys a reasonable lunchtime trade, is also well patronised at weekends by young people. To which the Clubs welcomes. Known affectionately as ‘The Nash’ it is by far the most prestigious club in town. New faces are always welcome. With a regular attendance you’ll soon begin to know the locals and the staff. You’ll also wonder, why you never came here before!


Picture featured we think is the Nash’s original building. After some research from members they came up with this. The Club knew the original building was some kind of paint factory. Infact, we now know it was Tom Hanley’s work shop. Tom was a local painter and decorator. Which will explain why we thought it was an old paint factory.


If anyone else has anything to add to the history of the Club, please do let us know. Thank you.

Tom Hanley's Workshop
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