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Club Membership

New Membership Applications are OPEN. Please complete an online application form.
updated 09/03/23

Existing Members, please read Subs info on how to pay for 2023, thank you. Read here

Please note we are now operating a New Membership Card System.  You'll need this for every visit to the Bar.  Failure to produce your Card will void any membership discounts being applied.




Please make sure that we have your correct personal details.  A change of address for example, please let us know so we can update our records.

If you're unsure, then we'll happily accept them again and cross reference with the information we already hold.  Updating as necessary.


Fees increased from 1st January 2022:

Gents – £10; Ladies £10.  Plus a one of payment of £5 to new members for their card.  Honorary Members do not pay, but will need to present their Membership Card to the Bar Staff each year.  If you believe you qualify for Honorary membership, then you must apply to the Secretary in writing. Honorary membership is not automatic and is not the responsibility of the Club. In order to apply for Honorary membership you must have done 25 years as a financial member, and have reached the age of 65 years old.


There are no late fees applicable anymore. You will be expected to bring your Subs up to date before your card will be activated again.


The Club always considers new memberships, especially to those who have regular attendance to the Club. To apply, simply complete the Form below and submit.  Alternatively ask for an Application Form from the Bar.  Please note that applications made on the back of a beer mat will be treated with the intent it deserves! After discussion in front of the Committee a decision will be made, you will be contacted. You’ll be charged the usual annual fee of £10 (+£5 card) given a membership card, rule book is available here and placed onto our membership database.

You will also be expected to attend and introduce yourself to the Committee.  We like to know who are members are going to be.

New Cards:

Every Member will be issued with a a credit style Card.  You must use this every time you come to the Bar.  It will also act as your annual Membership Subscription Card.  Please, do not loose it.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards:

All replacement cards will now cost £5. 

Download Application Form here..

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