Membership books are CLOSED

Apologies for any potential membership seekers. The Committee have Closed intake of new members for time-being. We're looking at overhauling the system and setting aside those Members who no longer come and pay their Subs. Lapse Members is the cause of the blockage in the system and we can't keep taking on new ones until the old ones are sorted. If you have been a Member and not paid for sometime, please call and see us. If you no longer wish to be a Member we can simply remove you from the System. Many thanks

Team Halloween!

Brilliant! Big thanks to Danielle and her team for making big effort. All a bit of fun and we know our Members and Guests enjoy and appreciate it. Thanks again! Also, like to welcome two new members to the Bar Staff Team; far left - Lucas Barker and far right - Harry Copley. Please make them both feel welcome!


Just under £40K we've raised for various charities over 9 years. Starting back in 2009 when our Charity Ladies begun the various challenges. Raising support, awareness and much needed funds for these excellent causes. We'd thought it would only be right to highlight the work and the money we have all help raise. Thank you everybody. A worthy accomplishment indeed.

Ireland 2019

That's right! We're already planning our next trip to Ireland. Following two succesful trips to Westport we thought we would venture on to other parts of Ireland. Currently looking at Waterford. Final Itinerary has not been decided but was just heads up if any Members were interested. Potential dates woudl be 16th September - 20th September 2019! To receive further information as it progresses please email or call Club on 01924 475960 option 4.

Group Photo

TeamNash2018 group picture! Let us know if your interested in joining us next year!

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