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New Till & Membership System

The Club has purchased a new till system which will also incorporate our Membership information. This was planned to be installed in a few weeks time. However, due to our current tills failing we have decided to bring the install forward. As you can appreciate, we need all our tills, up, running and working for St Patrick's Day! With this in mind, we wanted to apologise for any inconvenience the new system may bring.

We also wanted to inform our Members that the Loyalty Card scheme will also cease to function. (as of Thursday 15th March) It is the Committee's aim to bring other offers more refrequently throughout the year to compensate for this.

Once fully operational, you will be given a new Membership Card. (collectable from the Bar) This will be your discount card and also act as your Membership Subscription Card. So its important it remains safe and looked after. We'll notify you when the cards are ready for collection.

All of this has been brought forward due to the failing of two out of the four tills we currently have. Apologies again for the short notice.

Please feel free to email or call if you need any further information. 07968 969786

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