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Don't Forget Your Card!

Reminder to please bring your Membership Card to the Bar. The Staff need your card to apply your Membership Discount, they can't do this without it.

If you loose your card, you must report it immediately so a replacement one can be ordered. This can take up to a week due to the fact the card is unique to you. We have to order the exact same card, we can't simply assign you a new card. So please try not to loose it.

Every Member has the chance to have their first card replaced complimentary. A note will be made on the system. If you loose your card again, a charge of £5 will be made before your card is ordered. You won't receive discount if you don't pay.

Staff reserve the right to refuse Members who constantly forget their cards or don't hand them over. So please don't be surprised if you are charged non-member rate!

Any further questions please feel free to ask The Committee or email

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

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